Encaustic Paint and Watercolors

I saw an image on Pinterest of a watercolor painting done over outlines made with craft glue.  I have seen some encaustic mixed mediums but had never tried it with watercolors myself, so here is a look at my first attempt.  I’ll have to admit that this is a little addictive! And practically fool proof.

Encaustic Watercolor Project Step 1

I used 140 lb watercolor paper, my Purple Cows Melt Craft Iron on low and some dark blue and black encaustic paint.

Encaustic Watercolor Project Step 2

Using the stylus or pen tip on the craft iron, I started to draw a flower. You could easily trace a design onto the paper in light pencil then just draw over the pencil lines with the warm wax paint.

Encaustic Watercolor Project Step 3

And on it goes. In this image you can see the way I set the craft iron tip onto the wax kind of sideways so I can watch the wax draw up into the center slit of the stylus tip. That’s how I can tell if I have enough paint to work with.

Encaustic Watercolor Project Step 3a

Like working with a dip pen, I just keep filling the tip and adding lines to my artwork.

Encaustic Watercolor Project Step 4

And here is the finished flower with some fun lines to work with. Anything that is unpainted with wax will be filled in with watercolor.

Encaustic Watercolor Project Leaf 1

Now I’m starting another one–the is the beginning of a leaf.

Encaustic Watercolor Project Leaf 2

Like the flower before, I just keep adding lines and texture with the wax.

Encaustic Watercolor Project Leaf 3

Here’s my leaf after the wax paint and before the watercolor.

Encaustic Watercolor Project Leaf 4

Now I’m starting to add some watercolor. My favorite part of this project is the way you can let the paint “rest” in between the lines of wax. This gives you some really fun options for color mixing and dimension with the watercolors

Encaustic Watercolor Project Workbench

The workbench and stacks of projects underway.

Encaustic Watercolor Project Finished

And here they are–some of the finished pieces. I absolutely love this technique. Next I’m going to try some of these with white wax paint to get a totally different look!

I am seriously in love with this technique and if you haven’t tried painting with warm wax here are some tools to get you started!

Purple Cows Melt Craft Iron

Encaustic Paints and other supplies

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