10 days to Sew….


The Flower girls dresses are coming right along. I played with the tulle a little and learned some interesting things like making it stiffer and easier to cut with hairspray and a little glitter spray (since we ARE adding a little glitter to just about everything).


Here’s the littlest dress in progress:

And to top it all off–Scott made my favorite cookies to keep me comfy while I worked on beading the brides neckline trim–Snickerdoodles. (Don’t worry Xan, you are still the Snickerdoodles Cookie baking queen!)

And here I am, cheaters at the ready, adding some crystals and beads to light up “The (self-proclaimed) Pretty One’s face.” She WILL be a beautiful bride-no question about it. I just hope she’ll have a dress to wear. Wink-wink!!


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