13 days to go–Oh My…

It’s been a tumultuous several days– a veritable roller coaster of emotions and expectations.  An all new kind of wild ride that caught me a little off guard to tell the truth.  Just as I was ready to wave the white flag–the cavalry stepped in and pulled me to safety.

Here’s a brief run-down of the past couple days:

  • enlisted the expertise of the brilliantly talented (and eerily like-minded) Mary Lee on reception decor and furnishings
    • Chandelier over the dance floor
    • Creating a speakeasy atmosphere in the entry
    • gold, glitter and jaw dropping drama
  • recruited the fabulously creative powerhouse, Joy Astle who brainstormed with Mary and filled in delicious details
    • Painted wall panels to include logo (created on mats from pallet packs from Costco)
    • balloons with glitter, lights and chandeliers
    • entry planning and execution
  • saved by the amazing “true life” Wonder Woman, Lisa Hatch, who corralled all the random and disconnected thoughts in my head
    • Created spreadsheets with to do lists, menus, itineraries and sourcing
    • Tracked down details and found the holes I didn’t realize were there

Cut out and started the four flower girl dresses

Bags with pieces of flower girl dresses

Flower girl dresses cut — ready to sew

Open Sean allownces

Catch stitching the Seam allowances to the underlining after they have been trimmed and graded

Spent far too long fighting with the “foiled taffeta” on the brides bodice. — Finally switched to silk (on Friday) and now things are going smoothly!  There is no comparison.  This is a close up of the interior of the underlining hand basted with the seam allowances catch stitched open.

We are adding a little beading to the neckline like this:

Neckline beading

This is the only embellishment on the dress. So let the beading begin.


It’s going to be a whirlwind, but–wow–I can’t wait!!

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