18 days to the Wedding Day

With less than 3 weeks to go, the bride and I decided to shake up the original design plan.  Instead of the original bodice design plan, which was asymmetrical and randomly pleated, we explored the idea of a double bodice with English netting bunched and gathered at the neckline and sleeve and a smooth main bodice top with a very wide neckline, just grazing the shoulders and a pleated or rusched midriff.  We’ll add a bit of rhinestone trim at the neckline, just under the fashion fabric and over the mesh.

This is just a mock up of the concept, but after giving the bride a preview, the new design is a go!Close up of New Design
Now that we have the concept in place, the real work begins.  First I had to take apart the muslin version that has been fitted.  These pieces will become the pattern pieces I will use to cut the fashion (outside) fabric.

Basting Spray Saves the DayAfter cutting the piece out of the taffeta, then I cut an underlining.  For this dress I’m using muslin for the underlining–it’s the right weight, easy to work with and the natural color is perfect with the pearl colored taffeta.  The finished dress will have a second underlining that will house all the boning and shaping supports for the heavy skirt.  The basting spray is brilliant for holding these pieces together so I can machine baste along all the sewing lines in preparation to begin construction.

After 12 hours of sewing, cutting, pinning, pressing and more pinning, here’s what we’ve got:
Bodice and Underlining preppedIt doesn’t look like much but this is the foundation on which I will create the English Netting under bodice.  Tomorrow’s progress should be much more apparent–I hope!


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