2-D becomes 3-D 2

the whirlwind that was CHA

i’m actually back home/work but i think i may have left my mind floating somewhere over nevada.

i spent a week in anaheim at the craft & hobby association trade show

–and although this was my third year at the show–

i was still like a little kid in a candy shop. 
people, projects, products . . . oh my!

my favorite part of the show this year 
was turning some of my new found 
2 dimensional contacts into 3 dimensional friends.

of course, i forgot to take pictures, but one of my new 3d’s, tanisha did so here are a few shots from an evening after a long day on the show floor.
 Members of the Purple Cows Design Team:  Elisa , Samantha, me, Michelle, & Tanisha
 Rayme Sciaroni, the duke of crafts and Sarah Hodsdon (my twitter friend in the flesh!)
The amazing Jan Mollett Evans

now for kicks and giggles
–if you’d like to see what i spent all week doing–
check out this video 

now, michelle, i want to see your debut video!

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