Cecilly and I arrived at the Craft and Hobby Assn. Trade Show with absolutely no idea what to expect. When we entered the show floor on Sunday morning, emotional chaos ensued. Weepy, giddy, we tried to stay focused and follow our fearless Purple Cow leaders to our home for the next few days–The Purple Cow Booth. We almost got lost, and the floor was not even open to attendees yet. WOW! Talk about sensory overload. At the end of the first day, we were both exhausted. Surrounded by so much creative energy, the life was simply drained from my being. By day two–we were ready to rock and roll.

Sophie the cow came to visit, and is seen here taking a self portrait with Purple Cows wonderful Lindsay Byrd.When Sophie was finished playing with the cutters,

I had the pleasure of demonstrating the new Purple Cows Ultimate Trimmer II. This is by far the coolest tool ever. With both guillotine and rotary cutters, and the ability to rotary cut on angles, as well as use the rotary cutter freehand, this is one sweet gig. But not, that’s not all, no that’s not all, this handy dandy little item folds up and zips into it’s own case. SWEET! Something I can put away. (The sweat shop definitely needs order.)

I met amazing people from all over the world, and I am thrilled to explore the possibilites of collaborating with several new friends.
We had a fabulous time, worked our heads off, and now dive in to fix all the things that fell apart while we were gone. (My fourth grader has at least a week’s worth of homework to catch up on.)
Onward. . .to the laminator!

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One thought on “CHA, OH MY!

  • Shalyn

    Laminating is way to much fun! The girls are now sleeping with anything they don’t want laminated. Now I need to get me hands on one of those cutters…Joe can be sold on anything that has it’s own case!! Sweet:) Purple Cows here I come