Wedding sewing

And then it was over

It would be ridiculous to say that I am finally recovering–but then life is always ridiculous, so — yes, I am finally recovering from the unbelievable extravaganza that was “The Wedding”! Fortunately for us we were blessed with an AMAZING photographer, Stacey Bishop.  Here is a link to her blog […]

Gold Affair Collage

New Bodice Design Draped

18 days to the Wedding Day

With only 18 days to go until my daughter’s wedding, we are changing up the dress design. With the bride’s approval, the bodice foundation is well underway!

22 days to the Event

Draping the bodice. Pearl taffeta–it’s going to be gorgeous! First muslin fitting today! C is downtown LA getting supplies! Wish I could have gone.


Invitations for the Grand Affair

23 Days to The Grand Affair Countdown

Preparation begins in full force for Xanadu’s Grand Affair.

The Final Countdown! now with commentary by the designer

The blood, (sometimes my fingers get in the way) sweat, (sewing can be hard work) tears, (mine, not the bride’s)  Diet Coke, (thanks to baby j for stocking us up)  Downton Abbey marathon, (a ladies maid would come in handy about now) and pita chips (Stacey’s, of course) have paid […]

Lauren dress fitting

Lauren skirt almost complete

Skirt almost there: Wedding Gown in a Weekend

Flounces with applied lace attached. Phew!

Day 2 Wedding Gown Weekend

Day 2–Wedding Gown in a Weekend 1

Everything has been pinned in place and my niece loves it!!

Project Wedding 2010-Tea Dying the Silk 3

16 yards of 54″ wide ivory silk taffeta + 1 bathtub and 50 tea bags = A sweaty brow, a very clean bathroom, and gorgeous warm color on the silk!  SUCCESS!!

Silk Drying