Project Prom Dress — Complete! 1

Got up at 5am Sewed till 10:30 am Went to my adorable niece, Miss M’s baptism. Back to seeing at noon. Dress walked out the door on my gorgeous ginger at 5:30. Phew! It was a family affair! Dad helped make the boutineer and zip’s aunts did hair and makeup!!

Prom Dress for Zip 2012

Zoe Prom In Progress

Project Prom Dress: T – 14

Zips date will be here in 14 hours. Top front and back are pieced, lining is ready..,,,, To sleep or not to sleep, that is the ????

Project Prom: the final chapter

It’s Zip’s last prom tomorrow and I’m making her dress tonight! I love using the groove between the tile on my kitchen floor to quickly cut straight strips. Good thing because this dress has a bunch.

Prom for Zip - 2011

Dresses, dresses, dresses

Little Z’s Prom Dress I LOVE the gold sparkle shoes! The back of this one was fun! I made the yellow dress, too! (and, yes, I stalked prom for this photo!)