Holiday Holla #20 1

Need a fun project to keep the kids busy before Christmas? Check out this nativity.  You can print out the instructions & template as a pdf here! These are a blast to color–use crayons, markers, paint, chalk–you name it!  We had a great time adding glitter glue, sequins, and trims to […]

Holiday Holla #17 39

Holiday Holla #17 is a shout out to my favorite tools and all my fellow cowgirls in the Purple Cows Pasture.   Welcome to the Holiday Idea Blog Hop! (if you came here first, you may want to start at the beginning so you don’t miss any of these HOT […]

Holiday Holla #16 4

Holla #16 is a quick teaser. . . . TOMORROW IS THE DAY. . . Need some last minute Holiday ideas? Feel like having fun?  Wanna win some prizes? It all starts right  HERE at 10:00 am CST tomorrow!!! Be sure to click that link,  and check in at Sadie’s […]

Holiday Holla #9 & #10 1

It’s a Holiday Twofer! First a quick holiday decorating project–then a little something funny I found in the Christmas box I unpacked today. Holla #9 —  loving Scrap Fleece. This bright, fun garland is made from fleece scraps, yarn and buttons. It was just like stringing popcorn, and everyone got […]

Holiday Holla #2 2

Today’s Holiday Holla is a tutorial for a Countdown Calendar! I used the fabulous Polar Expressions Papers and Trims from Imaginisce and, of course, my favorite tools from Purple Cows. Each square has a clear window so you can turn over the number as you count down the days.  The pocket […]

Time Gets Away

Without the deadlines I have had in the past, time seems to be running through my fingers like sand–I can’t seem to remain productive. My latest faux pas was letting May go without addressing my first official Design Team Task for Purple Cows. Here are some of the pieces and […]

What Can You Do With Karate Belts? 6

A friend of mine has been doing some serious reorganizing and I have been the happy recipient of her cast offs. (She knows that one of my favorite brain teasers is re purposing.) Among the bounty was a bag of old karate belts. What to do??? Hearkening back to the […]

A Flash and Then It’s Gone. . . .

Why is it that when I have a great idea for a blog post it is either the middle of the night, or when I am no where near a computer. For the life of me, I can’t remember that brilliant flash of infamy that I conjured during my Nyquil […]

A Charming Gift for Mom 1

This little bracelet is a quick and easy project for Mother’s Day that can really make up for those nights you missed curfew or sluffed school. The pdf of instructions can be found here. It’s a very personal but inexpensive way to give mom a memory for her big day! […]