The Final Countdown! now with commentary by the designer

The blood, (sometimes my fingers get in the way) sweat, (sewing can be hard work) tears, (mine, not the bride’s)  Diet Coke, (thanks to baby j for stocking us up)  Downton Abbey marathon, (a ladies maid would come in handy about now) and pita chips (Stacey’s, of course) have paid […]

Lauren dress fitting

A little magic (and twine + glue) 1

dave & abi thanks for letting me be a part of this you two are amazing (these are just some snapshots of the process on the day of–they don’t begin to do justice to the whole event or the hours and hours abi and her mom spent getting ready for […]

Project Wedding 2010 – The Muslin 1

The bride has been measured. The muslin has been washed and straighted. The pattern has been adjusted, then traced onto the muslin. The original seam lines have all been stitch traced with dark thread. The bodice has been basted together. The bride has tried on the muslin bodice. The fitting […]

All the Pieces are coming Together! 1

Gathering, planning, and bringing everything together! including these two! Welcome to our whacked out world, my friend! Buckle up, it’s going to be a wild ride.

Sneak Peek of the Giveaway Splendor

as promised, a sneak peek of my blog hop giveaway  for a chance to find this necklace on it’s way to you just leave a comment on my blog during the  purple cows blog hop RMQBUCET49XC

At the Hop

It’s going to be a great way to get in the green for St. Patrick’s Day!! Thanks to Lynn for this AWESOME graphic!! and I’ll be drawing a name from the comments on this blog on March 16th to find a home for a  beautiful flower necklace!   (stay tuned […]

It’s a Blog Hop 1

When:  Monday, March 15th Where: It starts HERE, at the Purple Cows Blog Time:  9:00 MST/11:00 EST What:  A creative journey through the blogs of the amazing design team for Purple Cows. Why:  To get ideas, to leave comments, and win stuff!! I’ll be giving away a flower necklace–check back […]

craft class anyone? 4

calling all 5 readers: i will be teaching a couple of classes in the  san diego area (poway) on april 5 at Stamping Details. i’ll be doing these two projects: floral handbag and floral necklace I will be in so. cal all week (april 5 – april 10),  and would […]

Project For HSN

Check it out!!! This adorable purse, will be featured on HSN with the amazing tool I used to create it:  Purple Cows Ultimate Trimmer II!! See the presentation on HSN TONIGHT at 10:00 pm Mountain Time  and  Tomorrow, Tuesday 1/12/10 at 5:00 pm Mountain Time. Vennita Wilson, the Purple Cows […]

Holiday Holla #21

Instructions for these great project ideas here!!! These are great ideas from my friends on the Purple Cows Design Team.  Check out the inspiration!!