thistle this. . . . .

i am currently obsessed with thistle. it’s amazingly symmetrical. i love the petals and different stages of the flowers. but beware of the thorns. if you don’t wear gloves while touching it, the sting will last and last. maybe my thistle obsession is indicative of the thorny stings of this […]

I Love These Feet 3

Last week I briefly sat on the shore, watching my favorite feet play in the sand, run through the waves, and discover one of my favorite places, the beach. Somehow I had forgotten. It’s possible I subconsciously blocked the memories, but hearing the roar of the waves and smelling the […]

Window Envy 1

Summer is definitely on its’ way; the kids are counting down the days, pools are being patched and prepped, and the hummingbirds are back! Chimera, the persnickety calico, has a serious case of spring fever as she stalks the wildlife from her window perch. Our organic mouse trap doesn’t venture […]