Best Kept Secret

   This is a secret worth telling and retelling! My favorite tool,  the 9″ Purple Cows Hot and Cold Laminator  is available at several Costco Warehouses nationwide for $19.69. WHAT??? and it comes with 100 laminating pockets. It’s only available for a limited time–so call your local Costco,  and see […]

Let the Lamination Begin 3

coming soon to a joanns fabric & crafts store near you. . . (cue the choir) {g}lamination directly from the cow’s mouth. . .  “Any day now, you will be able to walk into your local Joanns Fabric and Crafts store and pick up the latest and greatest in crafting […]

Shut! Up!. . . . .

no, seriously, this is   DA BOMB  . . .straight from sadie’s mouth. . . “Ring the cowbells and round up all your friends, because everyone is going to want to hear this udderly fantastic news! Purple Cows has partnered up with Joann’s to give you the best new tool at […]

Holiday Holla #21

Instructions for these great project ideas here!!! These are great ideas from my friends on the Purple Cows Design Team.  Check out the inspiration!!

Holiday Holla #20 1

Need a fun project to keep the kids busy before Christmas? Check out this nativity.  You can print out the instructions & template as a pdf here! These are a blast to color–use crayons, markers, paint, chalk–you name it!  We had a great time adding glitter glue, sequins, and trims to […]

Holiday Holla #17 39

Holiday Holla #17 is a shout out to my favorite tools and all my fellow cowgirls in the Purple Cows Pasture.   Welcome to the Holiday Idea Blog Hop! (if you came here first, you may want to start at the beginning so you don’t miss any of these HOT […]

Holiday Holla #2 2

Today’s Holiday Holla is a tutorial for a Countdown Calendar! I used the fabulous Polar Expressions Papers and Trims from Imaginisce and, of course, my favorite tools from Purple Cows. Each square has a clear window so you can turn over the number as you count down the days.  The pocket […]

Holiday Holla!!

An open letter to my dedicated 5 readers.  Dear Readers,  To thank you for your diligence in checking in on this lonely little blog, I will be offering a little something – something every day from now until the end of the year.  As my world is a constant flurry […]

Hurry Before The Leaves Are Gone!

As a guest Blogger for Purple Cows, I was able to share this amazingly easy fall project.  Project Instructions can be downloaded Here. Become a fan of the Purple Cows Blog or the Purple Cows on Facebook and leave a comment that “Paula sent you” to help promote me in the […]

A Charming Gift for Mom 1

This little bracelet is a quick and easy project for Mother’s Day that can really make up for those nights you missed curfew or sluffed school. The pdf of instructions can be found here. It’s a very personal but inexpensive way to give mom a memory for her big day! […]