You are Beautiful Free Download 1

Yup–this is my one of my AMAZING sisters.  Her new single is available as a free download here:  

Skirt almost there: Wedding Gown in a Weekend

Flounces with applied lace attached. Phew!

Day 2–Wedding Gown in a Weekend 1

Everything has been pinned in place and my niece loves it!!

Collaborating on the design with Cecills is fabulous!!

Bodice, Skirt and Sleeves cut.
Dress, lining and underlining assembled.
Silk Chiffon flounces and lace . . . . . .will have to wait until tomorrow.

Pretty pleased with it so far!

See y’all in the morning.

Wedding Gown in a Weekend–scary!

The muslin is starting to take shape.It’s really going to look very different from this–I swear!

Ready, Set, Go! Wedding Gown in a Weekend! 3

This pile of goodness will be a wedding gown by the end of the weekend.   So let it begin. . .  stay tuned for regular updates or to send encouragement–and caffeine.  . . . . . 

The Bride really Sparkled! 2

An Heirloom Bauble Bouquet for Lex  Check out the photographer’s blog for more gorgeous pictures of the bride and her meaningful bouquet which was created with jewelry pieces from the bride’s mother, her late grandmothers, her husband’s mother and grandmothers, and meaningful pieces of her own.  What a treasure, and […]

Glorious Song of Old (Silent Night) 1

My beautiful and talented sister, Katherine Nelson.  Enjoy! Merry Christmas!

It’s Here–Belle Armoire Summer 2011 8

I am beyond thrilled.  My favorite magazine, Belle Armoire, has published an article I wrote about making my sister’s wedding gown. The amazing Stampington magazine is now available quarterly, meaning my article will be on shelves for 3 months–SCORE! Corleone and Baby J–“Once Upon a Gown” Nelson Sisters:  Kat, Mo, […]