Project Prom Dress — Complete! 1

Got up at 5am Sewed till 10:30 am Went to my adorable niece, Miss M’s baptism. Back to seeing at noon. Dress walked out the door on my gorgeous ginger at 5:30. Phew! It was a family affair! Dad helped make the boutineer and zip’s aunts did hair and makeup!!

Project Prom Dress: T – 14

Zips date will be here in 14 hours. Top front and back are pieced, lining is ready..,,,, To sleep or not to sleep, that is the ????

Project Prom: the final chapter

It’s Zip’s last prom tomorrow and I’m making her dress tonight! I love using the groove between the tile on my kitchen floor to quickly cut straight strips. Good thing because this dress has a bunch.

Success!! Wedding Gown in a Weekend 6

Ok–so there are still a few details to finish, but here it is…..

The Final Countdown! now with commentary by the designer

The blood, (sometimes my fingers get in the way) sweat, (sewing can be hard work) tears, (mine, not the bride’s)  Diet Coke, (thanks to baby j for stocking us up)  Downton Abbey marathon, (a ladies maid would come in handy about now) and pita chips (Stacey’s, of course) have paid […]

Skirt almost there: Wedding Gown in a Weekend

Flounces with applied lace attached. Phew!

Collaborating on the design with Cecills is fabulous!!

Bodice, Skirt and Sleeves cut.
Dress, lining and underlining assembled.
Silk Chiffon flounces and lace . . . . . .will have to wait until tomorrow.

Pretty pleased with it so far!

See y’all in the morning.

Wedding Gown in a Weekend–scary!

The muslin is starting to take shape.It’s really going to look very different from this–I swear!

Ready, Set, Go! Wedding Gown in a Weekend! 3

This pile of goodness will be a wedding gown by the end of the weekend.   So let it begin. . .  stay tuned for regular updates or to send encouragement–and caffeine.  . . . . .