The Bride really Sparkled! 2

An Heirloom Bauble Bouquet for Lex  Check out the photographer’s blog for more gorgeous pictures of the bride and her meaningful bouquet which was created with jewelry pieces from the bride’s mother, her late grandmothers, her husband’s mother and grandmothers, and meaningful pieces of her own.  What a treasure, and […]

Dresses, dresses, dresses

Little Z’s Prom Dress I LOVE the gold sparkle shoes! The back of this one was fun! I made the yellow dress, too! (and, yes, I stalked prom for this photo!)

My Shoulder Pads Are Back! 1

It’s true, although I’ve never really thought of them as shoulder pads.   They are more like prosthetics.   I am shoulder deficient.   The rounded shoulders I was born with need a little umph to boost my shoulder to hip ratio as well as my “get out there and […]

Project Wedding 2010 – The Muslin 1

The bride has been measured. The muslin has been washed and straighted. The pattern has been adjusted, then traced onto the muslin. The original seam lines have all been stitch traced with dark thread. The bodice has been basted together. The bride has tried on the muslin bodice. The fitting […]

Project Wedding 2010-Tea Dying the Silk 3

16 yards of 54″ wide ivory silk taffeta + 1 bathtub and 50 tea bags = A sweaty brow, a very clean bathroom, and gorgeous warm color on the silk!  SUCCESS!!

All the Pieces are coming Together! 1

Gathering, planning, and bringing everything together! including these two! Welcome to our whacked out world, my friend! Buckle up, it’s going to be a wild ride.

Seriously Amazing Skin. . .

OK, so let’s be honest I’m still spinning plates and certainly don’t need to be adding  any extra tableware to the mix, BUT a friend talked me into trying this product, and now I’m hooked.   The nitty gritty:  my pores are tiny, and my skin is amazing! I’m so freakin’ […]

Prom 2010

Draped and pinned–Thursday Noon We are down to 26 hours before the date shows up at our door.   Will the dress be done?   Lining Friday 3:28 pm MDT Stay tuned!!