And then it was over

It would be ridiculous to say that I am finally recovering–but then life is always ridiculous, so — yes, I am finally recovering from the unbelievable extravaganza that was “The Wedding”! Fortunately for us we were blessed with an AMAZING photographer, Stacey Bishop.  Here is a link to her blog […]

Four days. Yikes

With family and friends helping with prep, we may actually be ready for a wedding this weekend!

Madie’s Dress 1

This gorgeous bride is wearing the dress I made for her and finished just in time to start on Xan’s.

Bride and Groom

10 days to Sew….

The Flower girls dresses are coming right along. I played with the tulle a little and learned some interesting things like making it stiffer and easier to cut with hairspray and a little glitter spray (since we ARE adding a little glitter to just about everything). Here’s the littlest dress […]

Project Wedding: 17 days to go 2

Today’s efforts became a hodge podge of activity with a single common theme: gold glitz!

My Dad

I was born of goodly parents. Today is Father’s Day and this is my dad. I love my dad! So much so, that Father’s Day ends up being a very weepy 24 hours in my world.  It seems that mere language is insufficient to adequately represent the feelings I have […]

Project Prom Dress — Complete! 1

Got up at 5am Sewed till 10:30 am Went to my adorable niece, Miss M’s baptism. Back to seeing at noon. Dress walked out the door on my gorgeous ginger at 5:30. Phew! It was a family affair! Dad helped make the boutineer and zip’s aunts did hair and makeup!!

Project Prom Dress: T – 14

Zips date will be here in 14 hours. Top front and back are pieced, lining is ready..,,,, To sleep or not to sleep, that is the ????

Project Prom: the final chapter

It’s Zip’s last prom tomorrow and I’m making her dress tonight! I love using the groove between the tile on my kitchen floor to quickly cut straight strips. Good thing because this dress has a bunch.

You are Beautiful Free Download 1

Yup–this is my one of my AMAZING sisters.  Her new single is available as a free download here: