Printable Nativity Finger Puppets–now in color and B & W 6

  Print them–Laminate them–Put a Loop on the back and Ta Da–Great Christmas Activity. Enjoy!! paula-nativity puppet template  

Finally, A few more photos! 8

Rebekah Westover, photographer extraordinaire,   has posted some fabulous shots of this amazing fun and fabulous event!

details 1

The gown required some steaming before the reception at the Sundance Rehearsal Hall.

Countdown Wedding: 18 days 4

Here’s the progress over the weekend: Mumsie came up the mountain to help out with some beading. Pleating the skirt to the bodice. (The dress in the background was for Zip’s Homecoming last weekend.  I threw that one into the sewing mix at the last minute–turned out ok!) Best of […]

Project Wedding 2010 – The Muslin 1

The bride has been measured. The muslin has been washed and straighted. The pattern has been adjusted, then traced onto the muslin. The original seam lines have all been stitch traced with dark thread. The bodice has been basted together. The bride has tried on the muslin bodice. The fitting […]

Project Wedding 2010-Tea Dying the Silk 3

16 yards of 54″ wide ivory silk taffeta + 1 bathtub and 50 tea bags = A sweaty brow, a very clean bathroom, and gorgeous warm color on the silk!  SUCCESS!!

So let it begin.. . . 1

Hand beading the lace. . . a labor of love!! This is the first of many!!! (I know, I’m an overachiever!)