Encaustic Paint and Watercolors

I saw an image on Pinterest of a watercolor painting done over outlines made with craft glue. I have seen some encaustic mixed mediums but had never tried it with watercolors myself, so here is a look at my first attempt. I’ll have to admit that this is a little addictive! And practically fool proof.

Wax Paint and Watercolor Aspen Leaf

And then it was over

It would be ridiculous to say that I am finally recovering–but then life is always ridiculous, so — yes, I am finally recovering from the unbelievable extravaganza that was “The Wedding”! Fortunately for us we were blessed with an AMAZING photographer, Stacey Bishop.  Here is a link to her blog […]

2 days (48 hours) to finish the gown

With just 2 days left to sew, the seam ripper was the MVP for today! ;)

Favorite seam ripper

Neckline beading

13 days to go–Oh My…

The roller coaster got a little off track, but with the help of amazing friends, we are securely back on the rails and rearing to go!

18 days to the Wedding Day

With only 18 days to go until my daughter’s wedding, we are changing up the dress design. With the bride’s approval, the bodice foundation is well underway!

New Bodice Design Draped

The Bride really Sparkled! 2

An Heirloom Bauble Bouquet for Lex  Check out the photographer’s blog for more gorgeous pictures of the bride and her meaningful bouquet which was created with jewelry pieces from the bride’s mother, her late grandmothers, her husband’s mother and grandmothers, and meaningful pieces of her own.  What a treasure, and […]

It’s Here–Belle Armoire Summer 2011 8

I am beyond thrilled.  My favorite magazine, Belle Armoire, has published an article I wrote about making my sister’s wedding gown. The amazing Stampington magazine is now available quarterly, meaning my article will be on shelves for 3 months–SCORE! Corleone and Baby J–“Once Upon a Gown” Nelson Sisters:  Kat, Mo, […]

A little magic (and twine + glue) 1

dave & abi thanks for letting me be a part of this you two are amazing (these are just some snapshots of the process on the day of–they don’t begin to do justice to the whole event or the hours and hours abi and her mom spent getting ready for […]

Dresses, dresses, dresses

Little Z’s Prom Dress I LOVE the gold sparkle shoes! The back of this one was fun! I made the yellow dress, too! (and, yes, I stalked prom for this photo!)

drumroll . . . . . . 4

Belle Armoire Summer 2011 is available for pre-order NOW!!!! (you might want to hurry and get a copy, before my dad buys them all out!) Source: via paula on Pinterest