2 days (48 hours) to finish the gown

I’m exhausted so here are today’s highlights:

Easing twill tape to bodice neckline.

Twill tape is cut a little shorter than the actual neckline stitching length, then is edge stitched just inside the seam allowance easing the fabric to the shorter tape. This will give the neckline a gentle curve towards the body as well as adding definition to the neck edge.

Close view of neckline catch stitch

After the twill tape is applied to the neckline, the neckline seam allowance is trimmed, clipped and stitched to the underlining with a catch stitch.

Close up view of bodice neckline

After the seam allowance is sewn in place, the neckline really starts to take shape. I love this silk!

Tight gathers in gown underskirt.

The under skirt sandwich from yesterday’s post is gathered along the top tightly and sewn to the bodice lining a little lower than the actual seam line so the fullness of the layers is slightly staggered.

Favorite seam ripper

This little tool was indispensable today. When I was much younger –I used to avoid this tool like the plague. But as I have aged?? I have come to realize that taking a little extra time to remove errant stitches and replace them with better is critical to the success of the project. (I know there is a great life lesson here, but I’m exhausted.

Underskirt in place on dress form

It’s starting to take shape. Tomorrow should be especially interesting!!

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