Project Wedding: 17 days to go 2

Couch glitterIt’s a little bright and glitzy around here–even Scott mentioned that he was sitting at his desk at work and looked down at his arm and realized he was glistening.

Ahh–I guess he really is my fancy man! ;).

I have a feeling we will all be a bit glittery until the big PARTAY!!

Today was a big hodge podge of projects. I started with the wedding gown until there was nothing more I could do till I get the bride in situ. Here are a few highlights:

Numbering the bones

For the brides dress I worked on the underlining today and secured the boning channels

Beautiful bridesmaids.

Bridesmaids skirts arrived and they are gorgeous.

Wrapping paper for patterns

Cut out the flower girls patterns today from leftover Christmas Wrap. These are going to be adorable!

Crafty Cat and a pincushion

And the Crafty Cat is always ready to help pull out the pins.

Tonic Shears 819

Shhhhh–but I got a sneak preview of these new Tim Holtz Tonic Shears and they are the BOMB!!!!

Glitter in the bottle

Threw together some different elements to try out table ideas. Ignore the crappy red velvet roses.

Gold decor

For the next 18ish days–All that glitters around here is GOLD!

Now I’m taking my pain meds and muscle relaxers so my poor little rib can get a good rest before tomorrow’s all day work day with the bride.

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