My Dad

I was born of goodly parents.
Today is Father’s Day and this is my dad.
I love my dad!
So much so, that Father’s Day ends up being a very weepy 24 hours in my world.
 It seems that mere language is insufficient to adequately represent the feelings I have for my daddy.  He is my truest fan, my teacher, counselor, and mentor.  I love the way he loves my husband and my children unconditionally–taking the time to not just know them individually (when you have 8 son/daughter-in-laws and 30 grandkids, that’s saying A LOT) but to nurture a special relationship with each one.  He has taught me to look outside myself and to “be the best I can be”.  If I can one day live up to the person he sees in me, I will have achieved greatness.
Thank you Daddy!
I absolutely adore you, rough edges and all!!


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