The Final Countdown! now with commentary by the designer

The blood,
(sometimes my fingers get in the way)
(sewing can be hard work)
(mine, not the bride’s)
 Diet Coke,
(thanks to baby j for stocking us up)
 Downton Abbey marathon,
(a ladies maid would come in handy about now)
and pita chips
(Stacey’s, of course)
have paid off and produced an ethereal gown
combining the brides love of both vintage and fantasy.
 All that is left now is the zipper,
(done-hand picked because machine sewn zippers are so ordinary)
hand sewing lace on the sleeves,
(done, I do love piecing lace-it’s like a jigsaw puzzle. . )
 and a light smattering of beading on some of the lace on the skirt ruffles.
(tried some beads, but didn’t like the effect–)
This post is written by the Mother-of-the-Bride,
(with commentary by the designer, me)
 who types while my amazingly talented and creative sister
(takes one to know one–xoxoxo)
is laboring away on




(for this beautiful bride, my niece, Lu)
Paula, I love you !
 I am humbled and blessed to have you in my life.

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