Project Wedding 2010 – The Muslin 1

The bride has been measured.
The muslin has been washed and straighted.

The pattern has been adjusted, then traced onto the muslin.

The original seam lines have all been stitch traced with dark thread.
The bodice has been basted together.
The bride has tried on the muslin bodice.
The fitting changes have been made and marked.
One of the first muslin mock ups–Almost all the draping elements here have been discarded.
The boning channels have been added.
The skirt ideas have been sewn in place.
The bride has tried on the muslin/bedsheet gown.
The final muslin before final fitting.  
The new fitting changes have been made and tested.
The muslin has been carefully marked, then unpicked and pressed flat.

The cutting may commence.  (as soon as I find my sewing scissors. . . . . )
Fitted and corrected muslin pieces ready to be cut out of fabric, lining, and underlining.

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