Daily Archives: April 17, 2010

Project Prom–Sat. 5:19 pm

Dress, finished. Purse, found. Hair, done. Now, I’m just waiting for make up so we can put it all on and take pix. (I can’t believe it’s done.)

Project Prom–Sat. 3:03 pm

Well it’s almost done, FINALLY.Getting even closer, just a few more things to add, but it’s moving right along.

Project Prom–Sat. 10:53 am 1

Pretty One speaking here! I am helping my gorgeous mother update her blog! So hope all y’all readers get ready, cause this is going to be fun! ;) 

Project Prom–Sat. 10:07 am

fell asleep at 3 am, didn’t get up till 8–burning daylight!  zipper installed–my assistants are driving me crazy, but are glitzing bracelets so I’ll keep them–they are better than nothing. My favorite daughter, the Pretty One is probably my most hardworking assistant, she does everything I tell her to do! […]

Project Prom–Sat. 2:31 am 1

It’s getting closer, but then so is prom.  I’m tired, but wired so I won’t be able to sleep–might as well keep working.  Good thing there is an all night Law & Order Marathon, or I’d be stuck with infomercials.