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Holiday Holla #17 is a shout out to my favorite tools and all my fellow cowgirls in the Purple Cows Pasture.
  Welcome to the Holiday Idea Blog Hop!
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My hot idea is . . . . . . something we’ve got a lot of:
I am facinated by snowflakes and the remarkable individuality that defines each one.  These are usually a time consuming, scissor fighting event, but in a quest to find a shortcut–I utilized my Purple Cows Freestyle Mouse and decorative blades–and VOILA!  Amazing snowflakes!!! 
In making these, I chose tissue paper so I could get crisp folds and detailed looking designs.
Start with a square of tissue paper, and fold carefully for a 6 or 8 point snowflake.  (instructions for folding can be found here.)
I used a permanent marker and gave my Freestyle Mouse a “mod” so I could easily see where the blade touched the paper.
Press down on the blade, and pull toward the folded edges.
Play around with your technique–practice makes perfect!
Carefully unfold.
Each decorative blade gives the snowflake a little different look. . . .
To finish them off I carefully pressed each fold flat, then placed them in a Hot Pocket and Laminated each flake for stability–then cut them out and hung them from strings.
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