Holiday Holla #9 & #10 1

It’s a Holiday Twofer!
First a quick holiday decorating project–then a little something funny I found in the Christmas box I unpacked today.
Holla #9 —  loving Scrap Fleece.
This bright, fun garland is made from fleece scraps, yarn and buttons.
It was just like stringing popcorn, and everyone got involved (for a few minutes anyway).
The same concept would be great with bits of used wrapping paper, foil, or foam shapes.  So pick up a needle and some string and make something fun!
Holla #10
Last year, my girls and I wrote “Super Fake” Christmas Lists inspired by the song “Santa Baby”. 
I stuck them into the Christmas box when packing everything up at the end of the season–and promptly forgot about them. 
It was fun to re-read them this year. 
(Please keep in mind these are ENTIRELY tongue in cheek!!) 
See if you can guess whose is whose. . . . .
We are going to make this a tradition–it should be fun to see how these lists change over time. . . I hope.

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