A Flash and Then It’s Gone. . . .

Why is it that when I have a great idea for a blog post it is either the middle of the night, or when I am no where near a computer. For the life of me, I can’t remember that brilliant flash of infamy that I conjured during my Nyquil induced slumber, but I know it was good! Something about changing the world, a unicorn, and all my twitter friends. Hmmmmmmmmm.

I have been down and out this week. I mean really down. In bed. Planning my children’s future without me, kind of down. Even as I write this posting my eyelids are so heavy it’s an effort to keep them up, but as I am trying to list a couple new items in the etsy store, I must prevail before the lethargy slips back in. My family is convinced that since I seem fairly functional in the morning, that I am, therefore, not at all ill. Unfortunately as soon as the Dayquil starts to wear off, my entire body feels like its encased in a sumo suit and every tiny motion is an effort. I sort of feel guilty too, I’m assuming I caught this from B*Rod–I should have been much more compassionate.
Here are some of the new etsy items. Some are pins and some are hair clips. They all have been fumigated so the lingering virus will not be transmitted to the buyer! (I have industrial strength stuff!) Now I must give in to the flu.

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