Overlook? 2

Ok, I know it has been a while, but with nothing amazing to report, I have been reticent to post.
As you may have heard, our current cabin is called Overlook. When asked if we wanted to keep the same moniker for the new cabin over lunch one day, I voiced my hearty approval to keep the Overlook name with all it’s Stephen King ties; (after all we have the pet cemetary, too!) to this someone suggested we should call it Overlook II. Cecilly then offered the most appropriate name of all : Overlooked!
Here’s the update: Evidently some of our workers are fair weather only workers and we have had rain and snow this week. Here are some updated photos. This is the kitchen, there is a buffet counter, a pantry, and cupboards galore–Scott won’t know what to do with all this work space.
This is the family room. The door on the right is the front entrance. I’ll get some more pix tomorrow when I can wrestle the camera from Xan.

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